Giorgio Gagliardi

60 Years Spent in the Field of Medicine, with a Commitment … Sans Frontieres!

On 11 November 1959 Dr. Giorgio Gagliardi was awarded his University Degree in Medicine and Surgery, with a graduation thesis in Legal Medicine. Dr. Gagliardi is now on the Como Medical Register of Psychotherapists, but his many-sided medical career officially started back in November 1959. Between 1960 and 1962 he served his country in the Italian Navy, during his Military Service, as a Medical Officer with the grade of Lieutenant.

Parachuting and anti-mine scuba diving were part of his training over those years. During a mission to rescue a fellow diver trapped at a depth of 40 metres, he suffered permanent respiratory damage. Since 1962, he is on the reserve list of the Italian Red Cross corps as a Medical Officer with the grade of Lieutenant Colonel. In 1964 and 1968 he specialised in Cardiology and Obstetrics-Gynaecology at Turin University and attended Psychosexology training courses at the Universities of Turin and Milan over the 1970 – 1982 period. In 1987 he specialised in Medical Hypnosis and Hypnotic Psychotherapy at the European School of Hypnotic Psychotherapy A.M.IS.I. in Milan, where he has offered his contribution as a Lecturer from 1987 to 2010. Between 1989 and 1992, he cooperated as a Lecturer at the Institute of Dynamic and Imagination Psychology of San Lazzaro di Savena, Bologna. Between 1981 and 1987, he was the Vice Director of the Lombardy Region association ESPRIMERSI (in Turin), an Experimental Research Centre on Suicide. Over the 1985 – 2002 period, he was the Vice Director of the Milan Study and Research Centre on the Psychophysiology of the States of Consciousness. Between 1990 and 2006 he offered his voluntary professional consultancy as a Physician and Psychotherapist at the Salesian Centre of Basilica di S. Maria Ausiliatrice in Turin.

As of today, he continues his research activity into altered states of consciousness and he has been the Director in charge of the Psychophysiology Section of “Il Laboratorio” in Bologna until 2013.

In 1985, he was a member of the first Italian Scientific Committee for research and study into the Medjugorje apparitional phenomena and he was the Scientific Coordinator of the “Medjugorje – 3” Scientific Committee, over the 1998-2000 period. He has acted as a polygraph expert and consultant in Italy, Portugal and Belgium and, between 1997 and 2005, he was an “International Affiliate” of the American Polygraph Association. Ever since 1983, he has taken part as a speaker in a number of scientific congresses throughout Italy and Europe. Up to 2015, he has provided advice and expert opinions and reports with the aid of traditional and computerised polygraphs. He is a renowned conference speaker on mind manipulation techniques, on new magical and religious movements, on physical, psychological and sexual abuse; in these fields he has also provided expert advice in other European Countries. He has contributed and in some cases continues to contribute as a pro-victim consultant to associations designed to safeguard the rights of children and other vulnerable categories such as: Telefono Antiplagio, IAD Bambini Ancora in Milan, Favis in Rimini and Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti in Brussels (Belgium).

He has contributed as a pro-victim consultant to the association SOS Antiplagio in Novara from its foundation until 14 February 2020. Up to 2015, he has acted as Party-Appointed Expert and Court-Appointed Expert in legal proceedings concerning New Magical/Religious Movements, child abuse, separation and child custody controversies, as well as a number of other criminal offences. He is the author or co-author of approximately 90 publications on the psychophysiology of altered and modified states of consciousness and on transcultural themes. His scientific commitment as a researcher into mystical apparitional phenomena also includes studies on Madonna delle Ghiaie and Our Lady of Garabandal; his interest in this field has led him to visit and research approximately 50 alleged apparition sites. He is in the process of publishing his e-book about Our Lady of Garabandal on Beepworld.

A lifelong archaeology and speleology enthusiast, as well as a passionate researcher of all aspects of nature, Dr. Gagliardi has always devoted a great deal of his time and emotional resources to safeguarding and assisting abandoned, abused, poverty- and war-stricken children and other vulnerable categories.

His commitment in this area ranges from physically visiting war sites to deliver food and medicines, to taking every possible bureaucratical action to relieve the conditions of these unfortunate people. Whoever follows Dr Gagliardi’s blogs and online articles nowadays may occasionally feel somehow drawn down into the obscure spheres of Dante’s Inferno, owing to the extremely graphic nature of the conditions he seeks to fight. This standpoint is offset by the mystical beauty of experiences, such as those portrayed in the eyes of the Garabandal Seers, which he is seeking to bring back to public attention.

Among the works published to date, we remember:

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  • La Madonna Negata, 2010
  • Le lettere di Malacoda, Secondo carteggio di un diavolo non apprendista, 2011

Published articles in:

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Contribution to:

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